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Posted on September 24, 2016 
My name is Allan and my eczema story starts with my dad.  

My dad started having atopic dermatitis in 2006.  It was so frustrating because no matter what he did, it seemed like it was getting worse and worse each year.  The only thing that seemed to consistently help was the steroids.  It makes you feel sort of helpless because you have to choose between the seemingly never ending cycle of flare-ups and the steroid creams that could thin out his skin.  It got to the point where he did not even want to go out with his old friends anymore when they invited him for dinner.  

I wondered if there were more options out there, if there was more he could do and started searching online.  When you do a search on Google, it feels like everyone is just trying to flog products and creams at you.  So I decided to my own research and started reading about eczema on Google Scholar so I could find new ideas to share with my dad. 

What I found out surprised me, and as our family began sharing different ideas, my dad began to get better.  Less itching, less scratching, less frequent flare-ups, more restful sleep.   Today, eczema is not gone from our family's life, but now it feels manageable rather than the living nightmare it felt like before.  My dad goes fishing almost once a week and he hangs out with his friends again.

Let me share with you what our family has learned about how to reduce the itching and scratching and have less flare-ups.
Find out things you can do beyond steroid creams to improve sleep and reduce night time scratching and flare-ups 
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